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Paignton Harbour
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  Paignton Harbour has a long history - it is tidal with shallow draft vessels being able to gain entrance during neap tides but at spring tides the harbour completely dries. It is set in a sandstone area of Torbay being on the north side of Roundham headland where my Grandfather lived from 1943 to 1963..

Paignton Harbour looking towards the East Quay

  All the traditional activities associated with a busy harbour have been carried out - it has changed much but remains an interesting centre. Shell fish were a large part of the trade and still remain to this day. Boat building - particularly wooden craft (John Gale, John Cornwall and  Ralph Browse) has finished and given way to sales of modern dinghies, power craft and personal water craft. Sailing, Gig rowing and underwater activities feature strongly. The passenger carrying boats have declined very significantly since the post war period and by the late 1970s just a hand-full remained. The holiday trade has changed from the annual weekly breaks to short stopovers, A small solid core of vessels now operate across the three Tor Bay Harbours providing both ferry and trip services.
  Just some of the pleasure boats in my time (the list is not exhaustive!) operating out of Paignton were:
  Coral Star, Minerva, Shalimar, Boy David, Boy Richard, Look Ahead, Sparkle, Tuonella, Rosina, Colina, The Blue Boats, Queen Anne, Anne and 'Brads' dinghies and motor boats
  The following page contains a number of 'one liners' that will trigger memories for any one who visited Paignton Harbour over the years. The list is 'dynamic' so do return now and again to see if anything else has come to light.


Post Card from John C Jones, Sudbury, Ontario - circa 1970